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Healing a Bovine Tumor on the Eye

Meet Clover... Our Client's Pet Cow

Over the years, we have consulted on healing for a number of pets, most often cats and dogs.

We have also helped a number of clients with their horses, cows and other animals.

We have also consulted on quite a few challenging cases when referred by a holistic veterinarian...

In this case, a client who had experienced Accelerated Self Healing™ for her own metastatic cancer came to us for support in healing her pet cow, Clover...

The top image shows the appearance of the tumor as it was growing at the outer canthus of the left eye prior to beginning Accelerated Self Healing™. 

Let's look at an overview of the eight remedy programs used throughout the healing process:

Bovine Tumor on Eye

Month 1

Terrain Restore with Viscum album balanced organ stress in the Liver & Lilac flower essence was included to balance Clover's psychoemotional state.

Note that the Liver is strongly linked to the eye as understood in Oriental Medicine, and Viscum album is widely used in healing cancer in European medicine.

Nerve Driver balanced the epigenetic information field of Nerve tissue.

The image labelled 1 shows the appearance of the eye at the end of this first month of Energetically Correct™ remedy support determined by our Biofield Analysis™ process.

Month 2

B17 Synergy balanced Phase 2 terrain, which is the terrain in which remission of cancer is seen.

Terrain Restore fortified with a Spirit Mineral™ source balanced organ stress in the Liver.

The Liver Terrain Infoceutical ET10 balanced the epigenetic information field of the Liver.

Image 2 taken at the end of this program shows the beginnings of the restoration of apoptosis, the normal process of cell death that is deficient in cancerous tissue.

Month 4

Perfect Skin balanced Phase 4: Cleansing terrain.

Terrain Restore balanced a Fungal tendency, and we included Sage Flower Essence for individualized healing of psychoemotional energetic causality.

Immune Modulation balanced the overall biofield (identified with the infoceutical BFA).

B17 SynergyAngiogenX were required together to balance stress therapy-localized to the eye area.

Image 4 shows the appearance of Clover's eye area at the end of this 3rd remedy program, which took an extra month to complete.

Now generalized apoptosis is apparent, and the outer layers of the tumor are beginning to slough off spontaneously.

Month 6

B17 Synergy balanced organ stress in the Liver.

Terrain Restore included Opsonat homeopathic complex.

CBD Oil balanced a resonance similar to the Nosode for Nephrosis and the CBD was administered both topically and orally.

Ozonated Olive Oil balanced stress therapy-localized to the Eye area, and was applied topically.

Image 6 shows the appearance at the end of this fourth remedy program which took a couple months to complete.

Month 7

Immune Modulation balanced Phase 2 terrain, which is the terrain where spontaneous remission is observed.

The Stomach Driver Infoceutical balanced the epigenetic field of the stomach.

B17 Synergy balanced the Stomach Meridian, which goes directly to the eye.

Image 7 shows the eye's appearance at the end of this month.

Month 8

B17 Synergy balanced the Gall Bladder Meridian.

Terrain Restore with ACHIV Flower Essence/Homeopathic complex was needed to facilitate psychoemotional healing.

Image 8 shows the appearance at the end of the month.

Month 10

Terrain Restore with Agaricus balanced Phase 2 terrain while Yucca was added to balance the epigenetics of the Heart, and Wellbeing was added for essential psychoemotional support.

NeurOmega which is includes Whole Algae Oil™ balanced the Large Intestine Meridian which runs superficially toward the eyes before diving below the surface tissue.

Free & Easy traditional Chinese botanical combination balanced Liver organ stress.

Image 10 shows the reduced size and vascularity of the tumor which now hangs from a stalk containing the inactive feeder vessels.

This seventh remedy program took a couple months to complete.

In less than a year, with 7 one-month individually designed Accelerated Self Healing™ remedy programs, Clover's eye healing had achieved a high level of success.

For the next 5 months, there were no further evaluations or remedies requested.

Month 15

A followup was requested for prevention of future recurrence.

Maintenance of remission from cancer is best understood as an ongoing process of health optimization.

The Biofield Analysis indicated only one remedy, B17 Synergy, which balanced the stress source in the Stomach Meridian.

The Stomach Meridian runs superficially directly to the eye from the inferior direction.

Conventional veterinary cancer care can cost over $10,000.

Our system is very different, since it doesn't diagnose or treat disease.

The current cost for Clover's full Accelerated Self Healing™ program including products and services would be under $4,000.

Because Clover's owner was a long-time client, her total expenditure at grandfathered rates for our services was under $2,000.

Surgery and even biopsy can spread cancer stem cells increasing risk of metastasis.

Radiation and chemotherapies can increase cancer stem cells promoting metastasis, and recurrence with increased virulence.

To learn more about the innovative processes, the stress patterns, and the Functional Formulations™ mentioned in this summary, follow the links included in the text.

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