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Esotropia is when one eye turns inward or cross-eyed.

The largest of the six Extra-Ocular Muscles (EOMs) that move each eye is the Medial Rectus muscle that turns the eye toward the nose.

That means that when the body, or even just the eye area, becomes toxic and acidic, and all the EOMs get tense and tight, the eyes tend to cross inward.

Typically this pattern happens when the Liver is stressed, as the body's muscles begin to be recruited to help take on the work of the Liver by producing Liver enzymes.

This makes the muscles tight, less flexible, and more easily injured.

The Liver is part of the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine, as are the Eyes.

The Liver Meridian runs from the big toe through the Liver and all the way to the eye through the Optic Nerve.

The Water Element is also related to the Medial Rectus Muscle, as that is where the Bladder Meridian reaches the eye.

The Liver and Kidneys are the two main filters that clean the blood, so healing the underlying causes of Esophoria and Esotropia relates to cleansing the body and blood, so the eyes and brain can get back in sync.

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Esotropia Case Study 1:

Clarity of Direction in Life

Direction in Life

“Thank you so much for such a loving healing session and an open heart with a welcoming spirit. Thank you for your time, for your kind attentiveness and all the expertise and knowledge you've shared with us. Both you and Rae are such an encouragement and an inspiration our family really needed. Thank you for being who you are, it's such a gift :) We are already seeing slight improvements in Maya's [crossed] eyes which is very exciting. We are all detoxing and rebalancing, taking the meds, improving our focus and our communication. Making a lot of big decisions too. It's been great and it's also been very stressful this week. But we're getting clarity through it all and that's what we've been seeking and asking for.” -A.K.

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