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Healing Retinitis Pigmentosa

RP is considered a 100% genetic, progressive, and irreversible blinding eye disease, starting with loss of night vision at some age as the individual matures.

Why do we think there can be a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa?

There is a case study that proves RP is also 100% epigenetic.

Two identical twin sisters were studied in which one of the sisters went blind from RP, and her twin never expressed the RP genes.

Everyone with RP expresses normal visual function in the early part of their life, so we believe that restoring that epigenetic expression should be possible again through individually targeted rejuvenation, which we call Accelerated Self Healing™.

With regular, repeated restoration of a state of Biofield Coherence™, we regularly see retinal regeneration in all of the retina related blinding eye diseases, including macular degeneration, glaucoma and RP.

We have seen blind clients experience vision improvement with Accelerated Self Healing™, sometimes restoring functional vision.

Our mission is to advance the art and science of Natural Eye Care through our development of Clinical Theory™ and Clinical Praxis™ including hundreds of Functional Formulations™ selected individually in real time based on Biofield Analysis™.

RP Case Study 1:

Recovering From Blindness With RP

Case Study 1 Testimonial Video

The client was told by her Ophthalmologist that she is now legally blind.

She was referred to receive services for the blind and was told not to make any further eye appointments, because the condition is progressive and irreversible.

She found our book Macular Degeneration... ...Macular Regeneration, and became inspired to seek help for self healing.

She contacted us, and we performed a remote Biofield Analysis™ to assess what her eyes, brain, and body were already attempting to heal at that time.

We also engaged in Health and Wellness Coaching to support her in making major changes in her diet.

She was very diligent in applying herself to the dietary changes and lost 50 pounds over the course of about 5 months.

She also implemented the recommended remedy programs, which we made as simple as possible to fit her limited budget.

She noticed that the black spots in her vision began to lighten and clear.

The most rewarding change for her was that her vision improved enough that she could once again see which of her two sons entered a room rather than having to wait until they spoke to hear which one it was.

RP Case Study 2:

Healing Retinitis Pigmentosa

This RP client saw our interview with Client #1 above.

She was almost blind already in one eye and also had diagnoses of cataract and retinal scarring with a history of undergoing eye surgery.

She contacted us to see if she could restore some of her lost vision as well...

To get started, she completed our online application form.

We performed a remote Biofield Analysis™ to design her initial remedy program.

Her initial remedy program included: Immune ModulationTerrain RestoreED8 Stomach Driver InfoceuticalChelationTransformNeuroceramidesClear the WayEmotional Stress Release Infoceutical (ESR) and Syntonic photobiomodulation therapy for the retina with Mu Upsilon (Blue-Green band pass filter).

She refilled Immune Modulation, Transform, Chelation, Neuroceramides, and Clear the Way, and also added Vitamin A Synergy and a Chinese herbal combination Serene Spirit based on a followup Biofield Analysis™.

While taking the remedies, she experienced a progressive decrease of the black spots in her visual field.

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