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Brain-Vision Institute

2 Executive Court, Suite 3

South Barrington, Illinois 60010

    Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana OD, FAAO FCOVD CBHC

    Founder of Brain Vision Institute

    Dr. Ingryd Lorenzana is an international award-winning optometrist and vision specialist, the innovator of the groundbreaking patent-pending CogniViision™ “TRAIN the BRAIN not JUST the EYES “protocol that targets vision disordes in the brain and a true believer in Brain Training through vision as an effective method to succeed in school, excel in sports, increase productivity in the work place ultimately transforming quality of life.


    Dr. Ingryd, as her patient’s call her, has a great passion for her work, and with good reason. She truly is a testament of when she, the “patient” had to become the “doctor” to find solutions for her own ailments. Most of her life, she struggled with reading and attention issues. She loved to learn, but had great difficulty with being a slow reader and didn’t know why. She always had to work harder and study longer than any of her friends just to keep up if she was to succeed. Born in Colombia, she came to the US at 10 years of age and was led to believe that her struggles with reading and attention were due to English being her second language. 


    It was not until Optometry School that she discovered she had been struggling with an undiagnosed visual condition known as Convergence Insufficiency (CI). CI is an eye-teaming problem in which the eyes have a strong tendency to drift outward when reading or doing work close-up. A person with CI must use extra effort to make the eyes turn back in, which can lead to slower visual processing speed and can impact the way a person learns, reads and even pays attention. Completing a course of vision therapy for the treatment of CI became pivotal to obtaining her degree and inspired her to choose vision learning disabilities as the focus of her life’s work. She went on to complete a Residency in Pediatrics – Binocular Vision and Perception at the Illinois Eye Institute, including an internship at Children’s Memorial Department of Ophthalmology and the Illinois College of Optometry, where she earned her doctorate degree.


    Early in her career she taught at both the Illinois College of optometry and Southern College of Optometry, but then went on to established Advanced Vision Center in 2003, where she serves as Director for Pediatric and Adult Specialty Optometric Services. In 2012, she founded the Brain Vision Institute with the mission to specifically provide the Neuro optometry and vision therapy services to patients diagnosed with neuro-functional disorders as seen in ADD/ADHD, Learning and Reading Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders, as well as treating patient with strabismus, amblyopia, convergence insufficiency, eye movement skills, and visual perceptual disorders.


    She continuously stays at the forefront of the latest neuroscience research as seen through the expansion of her work to include management of visual processing deficits in patients with concussion and traumatic brain injury through maintaining over 20 various certification that include, but are not limited to: certified IMPACT Pediatric and Adult Concussion Provider, Brain Health Provider for the Amen Clinic Method, Advanced Brain Technologies and HeartMath. 


    Dr. Lorenzana is a Fellow of both the College of Optometrist for Visual Development and The American Academy of Optometry in additional to serving as Adjunct faculty to both the Chicago College of Optometry and Western University College of Optometry. She has collaborated significant contributions to the arena of children’s vision research specifically in the area of strabismus and amblyopia as an active principal investigator for the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigative Group since 2004. 

    As a highly sought after, international speaker, Dr. Lorenzana has garnered numerous industry awards for her research and contributions to optometry. She has been featured on the “Donny Loves Jenny” TV series for her work with Jenny McCarthy’s Son, Evan, and WGN Channel 9 Morning News on the topics of children’s vision and it impact on learning. Recently she was named “3D Eye Doctor of the Year” from Hollywood’s 3D International and Advanced Media Society and won the 2014 Influential Women in Business Award from the Daily Herald. In 2013, she was selected America’s Top Optometrist by the Consumer research Council of America. However, she considers her greatest achievement to be the opportunity to make a difference in every one of her patient’s lives.


See what others are experiencing...

"I've been going to advance vision center to see Dr. Lorenzana for many years now. There are times when it gets pretty busy but it's totally worth waiting for her services. I recently had an issue with dry eye syndrome and she recommended an alternative treatment vs getting on prescription drugs first. To my surprise the Eye treatment that was provided for me helped as well as the eye supplements she has. I was able to use my flex savings account money for them so that was a bonus for me. Like all other doctors offices, you must be proactive and ask questions. if prices are concerned then speak up or ask before hand as they won't work with you in terms of payments. She will take the time to explain and offer her suggestions. She believes in continue education and explains things to you in terms that you can understand. which means she has good bedside manners. So if you want to get cheap services and cheap eyeglasses then go to the local optical chain stores around the area. But if you want to build a relationship with your eye doctor and your eyes are very important to you, then take the time to get to know her and the staff."

Dinah T.,

Addison, Illinois

"My husband and I both have complicated prescriptions, and I have had blepharitis for many years. Over the years, we have both struggled with getting glasses that work well for us. I had pretty much given up hope for both the glasses and the blepharitis. Dr. Lorenzana is a godsend. Not only do I have the best glasses I have ever had, she has offered a treatment plan for the blepharitis that actually works. Anyone who has been living with this condition knows that it's a very frustrating condition with no cure. Her treatment is holistic, and affordable. All of the various medical treatments have failed me after seeing four ophthalmologists over the past ten years. She also recommended an eye make-up brand that doesn't aggravate this condition...I had pretty much given up on wearing mascara. Even the expensive brands like Clinique and Este Lauder were not kind to my eyes. She also identified a problem with my close up vision that all other doctors missed. I now have a prism in my glasses that have made reading a joy again.I am deeply indebted to Dr. Lorenzana. She takes the time to listen to all concerns, and to fully explain treatment plans. She is very patient and I never feel rushed despite asking many questions. Her explanations are detailed, and exams very thorough. And she is a genuinely kind person who cares very much for her patients. I have not felt that she is up-selling products, or padding the bill. She is conservative, and considers the most affordable options first before recommending more expensive treatments.Her staff is wonderful and caring, also taking great time to explain things. She takes most insurance plans. I absolutely love Dr. Lorenzana and highly recommend her. Other reviewers complaining of wait times, I apologize because it was me, or other people like me with complicated issues that kept you waiting. Please know, that her care is changing my life for the better. So please keep this in mind if you are considering choosing her for your eye needs, and that she will spend whatever amount of time is necessary for you too."

R. N.,

Chicago, Illinois

"Dr. Lorenzana has been our family's eye doctor since 2014. She and her staff have a wonderful 'bed side' manor with all of us especially our younger daughter. Dr. Lorenzana gives excellent advice regarding treatment options available such as natural treatments as apposed to simply planning on upping strength of glasses prescription. When glasses are necessary or desired, she provides prescriptions (she is not a glasses salesman). When vitamins or other therapies are available to prevent or improve vision, she presents them as options. Our whole family appreciate her service."

James E.,

Chicago, Illinois

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