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Like Dr. Todd Wylie in Spokane 

104 South Freya Street, Suite 220

White Flag Building in the Tapio Center

Spokane, Washington

Phone: (509) 535-5855

(509) 207-1445

Website: https://www.drwylie.com/

Email: [email protected]

    Dr. Todd Wylie, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

    Advanced Eyecare & Therapeutics

    Dr. Todd Wylie is a leading eye doctor in Washington State. He is board certified in Vision Development and Visual Therapy. He is a charter member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, and a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. In the field of nutrition and natural healing, he has trained in the Reams Theory of Biological Ionization as well as Dr. Glen Swartwout's Clinical Theory. Dr. Wylie iso well loved and respected that half of his patients are referred from all over Washington State, Idaho and Montana.


See what others are experiencing...

"Dr. Wylie and his staff are fabulous! They are professional and considerate of each patients individual circumstances. Dr. Wylie cares about his patients and their potential. He changed my life! I will be forever grateful! 😁"

Cassandra A.,

Washington State

"Dr. Wylie is fantastic!! I have done vision therapy and so has my 11 year old son. His reading scores in school improved 150 points over a 45 day period. Dr. Wylie gives his all to help find and fix the problem. He's caring, compassionate and very skilled at what he does!!!"

Andrea B.,

Spokane, Washington

"Dr. Wylie has been our doctor for years, so we knew he was a good eye doctor. But in June 2018, we learned that he is a fantastic eye doctor, and very thorough. We brought our 14 year-old in because she had been having trouble reading fine print. He discovered papilledema, which is inflammation of the optic nerve. The worst case scenario is that papilledema would be caused by a brain tumor. We had the worst case scenario; our daughter had a brain tumor!! Because of Dr. Wylie, we started asking the questions we needed to ask, and it was discovered just in time. A neurosurgeon removed it just about two weeks after our appointment with Dr. Wylie. Without his attentiveness and care, we might not have found it until there were serious complications. We won't go anywhere else for eye care from now on."

Marchauna R.,

Washington State

"Dr Wylie is really concerned about eye health as well as correcting your vision. The staff is helpful and friendly as well, to make it a pleasant experience!"

Louise R.,

Washington State

If Your Eyes Could Talk...

Your eyes show you the world. But what would they tell you, if they could talk? The answer to that question is in your hands. Within these pages, Dr. D. Todd Wylie, OD, FCOVD―an optometrist and leading expert in vision therapy―explores and explains the many causes of poor vision, as well as the pioneering therapy and revolutionary corrective lenses that solve even the most bizarre cases and symptoms.

In If Your Eyes Could Talk, you will find the answers to baffling mysteries such as why a person with 20/20 eyesight could still be failing in school due to a vision problem; how anxiety or panic attacks could be caused by a vision problem; and how looking at a particular color of light for eight minutes a day can literally change a person’s life. To find these answers and many, many more, all you need to do is open this book and listen to the secrets that your eyes have to tell. Before you know it, you’ll be viewing the world of vision health through a whole new lens.

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