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Integrated Vision Care Optometry

5501 West Hillsdale Avenue

Visalia, California

Phone: (559) 625-5464

    Dr. Clifford Fukushima, O.D.

    Integrative Vision Care

    Dr. Clifford Fukushima graduated with honors in 1978. With over 43 years of experience in eye and vision care, Dr. Fukushima specializes in Vision Therapy, Syntonic Optometry and other innovative natural therapies, as well as providing pediatric care and contact lens services. 

    Sharon Fukushima

    MELT Method Practitioner

    Sharon is a certified practitioner of energy work and a former teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. She has been involved in the alternative health and wellness industry for 30 years and enjoys helping people restore balance to their bodies. She and her husband have a practice in Visalia, California that focuses on energy work with the consult of nutritional supplements, essential oils, MELT balls, and other wellness products. Email: [email protected]

    Phone: (559) 786-3471


See what others are experiencing...

"So thorough he really takes the time during examinations. The office staff are super helpful. I really enjoy his holistic approach to his practice"

Stacey C.,

Elk Grove, California

"Dr Fukushima is amazing! He takes time with each patient and knows so much more than just eyes. He is a very smart man and a good doctor. Plan on this appointment taking longer than your typical eye doctor. But you will not regret it. Everyone in our family of 5 goes to see him. From child to adult he is the best optometrist around."

Heather K.,

Livermore, California

"Most definitely a Very qualified and highly educated professional. Very throughly competent and a wonderful staff. I've not only met a GREAT DR., but, a lifetime friend as well. DO NOT go anywhere else people. This loving man is for real! Thank you Dr."

James F.,

Visalia, California

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