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Eye Healing Center

Vision is the dominant sense in our human bio-body suit.

Two optic nerves carry 2/3 of all the nerve current entering the human brain.

The retina is the body's primary photovoltaic source, charging the brain-liver battery that runs the direct current meridian system to support regulatory biocommunication as well as tissue detoxification through the extracellular fluid space.

We specialize in supporting Accelerated Self Healing™ by arranging optimal conditions with pure and potent combinations of natural botanical/nutritional remedies, Energetically Correct™ quantum environmental stimuli, and information flow via both conscious and somatic pathways.

Effective therapies are selected based on eliciting coherence responses in the body energy field and/or the non-local information field.

By optimizing the entire fractal holographic field through Biofield Analysis we support a state of Biofield Coherence through the course of the program which typically lasts one month which is the approximate length of many body biorhythms such as hormonal cycles.

Restoring eye health and lost visual function requires the health of all other major body systems, so eye healing demands whole person healing, including the mind, which is about 80% visual and the spirit body which functions as a macroscopic quantum object, providing access to non-local functionality as well as superfluid and superconductive qualities to the process of healing and personal development.

    Dr. Glen

    The Wizard of Wellness

    Dr. Glen Swartwout is the author of the leading books on healing blinding eye diseases with natural remedies. He creates Functional Formulations™ and healing systems so you can maximize your healing without leaving home.


    Wellness Coach

    Susan 'Rae' Luscombe will help guide and motivate you on your wellness journey for Transforming Vision™. Rae has worked with Dr. Glen for over 20 years, and created the Eye Healing Center through her Healing Oasis to make Dr. Glen's healing systems available to you.


See what others are experiencing...

"My chronic pain has reduced 90%"

Joy is a Life Coach who learned she has elevated risk of vision loss due to Glaucoma, Pigment Dispersion Syndrome and Chorioretinopathy. Comparison of her clinical charts shows her dramatic healing of macular edema in just 3 months with the Accelerated Self Healing system.

Joy Dettling, Life Coach

Asheville, North Carolina

"It's really, really powerful..."

"It's approximately 6 months that I've been on the treatment, and it's just unbelievable... unbelievable, remarkable, accelerated healing. And it's an amazing feeling experiencing your own body doing its own healing. And to experience like a level of life energy in your body... It's very, very powerful. I feel very blessed and grateful to have stumbled onto this..."

Greg Sutera, New Jersey

"We're really seeing actual healing of tissue!"

After hearing several of Dr. Glen’s presentations on healing Glaucoma with natural medicine at the International Conference on Light and Vision, he completed an intensive training on Dr. Glen’s Clinical Theory of Everything… Implementing Accelerated Self Healing first for himself and his family, and then for patients in his practice.

Dr. Todd Wylie, Spokane, Washington

Documented Clinical Healing...

Your Transformation is Our Mission...

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